C# - Variables

In C#, Variables allows you to store and manipulate the data. They have a specific data type which defines the type of the information they can hold.

In C#, Variables can be categorized as:

Variable Name Description
Integer int, uint, long, ulong,byte, short and char
Float Float & doubles
Decimal decimals
Boolean True or False
Nullable Nullable value types

Declaring Variable

In C#, We can declare a Variable by specifying data type followed by the variable name.

int age; // Declaring an integer variable named 'age'

Initializing Variables

You can also declare and initialize a variable at the same time.

int age = 30; // Declaring and initializing 'age' with the value 30

Other Variable Types:

int myInt = 10;
float myFloat = 3.14f;
double myDouble = 2.718;

C# - Variable Scope

Local Variables

A variable that declared in a method, constructor or block which is accessible only withing that scope.

void MyMethod() 
    int localVar = 5; // local variable 

In above example, we can not use "int localVar" outside the "MyMethod".

Global Variables

Declared outside the method which can be accessible by other methods as well.

public class MyClass 
    int globalVar = 10; // global variable 
    void MyMethod() 
        Console.WriteLine(globalVar); // accessible here 

Constant Variables

Constant variables has fixed values and cannot be change during the runtime. You can define constant value by using ‘const’ keyword.

const int hoursInADay = 24;